Sacred Soul Ascension

Embody Your Sovereign Divinity

transformational coaching

Welcome, my love.

I know you are here because there is an inner calling…

a desire to be free; to be seen; to be heard; to be deeply loved.

For who you are, in this very moment.

There’s a longing to be who you truly are.

You’ve heard the call, probably more than once, calling you home.

And this time, you can’t ignore it any longer.

It is your time. The journey home begins now, sweet soul. The time is now.

This is your rebirth – a co creative, collaborative conscious rebirth. 

An awakening to you, your true Self.

This is why I am here.

For you. To serve you. To love you. To guide you home.

I am here for you.

Turning what was once darkness into light for your healing and empowerment.

It’s time to reclaim your sovereign divinity and embody your true Self. 

Imagine, in every moment on this journey home, receiving more of your Self. 

The heaven you seek is inside, once you come fully alive. The journey home is your gateway to heaven on earth. 

Your birth right, your natural state of BEING is a gentle, all encompassing softness that enraptures the soul…

The most sacred & fruitful journey you will ever embark on is the inner journey, back home, to Self.

This is your invitation to celebrate your homecoming.

All that you were, all that you are, and all that you are becoming.

Explore the depths of your BE-ing.
Dive deep into the sacred mysteries of your own Soul.
Feel yourself, feeling your Self.
And experience the juiciest, most pleasurable journey on this earth.

This 3 month soul immersion will explore the art of alchemy, to awaken you to your inner paradise and the sanctuary that lives within. Alchemy, in its essence, is the transformation of Self. 

This is your invitation to explore the shadows of your Self by digging deep to illuminate the unfelt and unseen emotions that have been keeping you separate between you and your sovereign divinity.

It’s time to activate, reclaim and embody your sovereignty, higher Self and divine love, above all else. It’s time to reclaim your Self, once and for all. 

A 3 month deep dive into physical, emotional, mental, sexual, and spiritual alchemy.

This is a devotion to your Soul.

All in the name of self mastery & your own sovereign divinity.

This intimate soul immersion will bring you back into divine alignment to your souls truth – your original blueprint.
You will deeply explore your energy body by accessing and embodying your innate power through purification of the heart, body and mind, releasing emotional attachments, energetic blocks and traumas to awaken your ALIVENESS

I want you to know, you are not alone and I FEEL you.

I’ve been there before…right where you are…

giving my power away,

feeling like a foreigner in my own body,

searching ‘OUT THERE’ for answers

waking up everyday in a constant state of anxiety

feeling paralyzed by fear and pressure of everyday living

and wondering what was wrong with me

There’s depth to this journey.

There’s experiencing, expanding, learning, living, breathing, becoming, embodying and remembering all that you are. 

There’s digging deep, really fucking deep and emerging from the depths within yourself. 

Are you ready to discover every corner of your being, explore every inch of your body, dive into the velvety darkness, & experience all that brings you only pure orgasmic pleasure into your life (your magic, magnetic radiance) as you re-discover the sacred places that nurture your soul?!!

Let go of the illusion there’s a guru coming to save you. You are the Guru….a truth seeker & soul digger. 

The sacred union between your head and heart is the key to your fully embodied, self mastered, multidimensional experience. 

I promise you…

you don’t need to be

  • fixed
  • saved
  • and you aren’t broken.


It takes IMMENSE energy to dim your light…

To resist your divine birthright.

To swim against the natural flow of life.

You will come back home – to you.

All growth, evolution and love begins with the person in the mirror.   

This VERY moment is a chance for a new beginning, it is the key to your liberation.

YOU are the anchor in your own life.

You get to choose and consciously CREATE it all.   

A humble beginning can happen, right now.

It’s up to YOU to accept the invitation to your life.

To commit fully and take radical responsibility, for you.


I know you. I know how you feel reading these words.

Your soul is yearning for something more, craving for soul deep connections, longing for clarity, freedom, confidence, abundance and pleasure that flows with ease in ALL areas of your life.

When you re-member your value and you FEEL that glimpse of ‘home’ – that inexplicable feeling of deep love – you are reminded of who you are.

There is a reciprocation of love that you can’t explain – when you take the hand of your higher self – your true self – your soul and merge with it – you FEEL home.

Welcome home, Sweet Soul.

Welcome home.

Waking up, breathing easy and knowing all is MORE than well in your world.

Feeling FULLY alive, turned on and safe in your body

Knowing WHO you are and your soul signature in this world.

Aligned with the BRILLIANCE within.

Gratitude pouring out of every part of you.

Feeling free, confident, grounded and empowered in YOU.

Celebrating your HOMECOMING…

in every single moment…

in every single breath.

It’s time to come home, to you.

A full-body cellular soul remembrance.

You are fully in your power.

Light, free, clear, ALIVE.

You are enough.

You are complete.

You have nothing to prove.

Let go of the pressure.

Give yourself permission to shine in this lifetime – to be who you really are.

This is your invitation…

Me + You on a 3 month sacred 1:1 journey together.



You’ll discover sacred ways to nurture, heal and deeply love yourself, empowered, grounded and confident in you.

You’ll re-connect with your soul and tap into the unlimited wisdom and truths that lay within.

You’ll learn ways to protect your energy, transcend limiting beliefs, and become a magnet for abundance.

You’ll tune in, tap in and turn on your divine essence, embodying your radiant, multi-dimensional Self.

I’ll be holding you in a container of grace, gently guiding you through your personal transformation.

You are the final destination from which you have never truly left. It is safe to live in your paradise, to reveal the truth of who you are.

It’s time to be the author, artist and muse of your life.

It’s time to wake up to the magnificence that you are.

The Journey back home starts here

It’s time for your homecoming



This is for you if:

There are no shortcuts to embodied self-mastery. If you are ready to dive DEEP and reclaim your life, discover your paradise and are TRULY ready for a moment-to-moment commitment to your Self, fill out an application below.

Space is limited and I will carefully review each application due to the deep, sacred, personalized journey and intimate support provided in this coaching.

Let’s dance on this soulgasmic journey home.

It’s time for your homecoming.

I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

The flow

  • 1 x week assignment to activate the master within
  • 2 x month deep dive 60 minute soul coaching call
  • 1 x month Reiki healing (long distance or in person)
  • 1 x month assigned reading – (audio) book club (3 total)
  • 1 x month laser coaching sessions
  • Text message and email support throughout the journey
  • Dedicated private 1:1 facebook group – access to ALL course material, tools, wisdom nuggets, truthbombs, inspiration and laser coaching sessions


  • Guest Speakers and Laser Coaching Sessions


3 Month Soul Immersion

Month 1: Trust

Meet, Trust and Know Yourself

Month 2: Alchemy

Alchemize all Parts that are not love.

Month 3: Embodied Self-Mastery

Principles of Energetic Mastery


Reiki Energy Healing + Kundalini Yoga & Meditations

Intuitive + Transformational Coaching

Channelings + Multidimensional Messages