hii, beauty – it’s nice to meet  you.

Born and raised Toronto gal – yes, from the 6ix (thank you Drake).

I do say ‘eh’ a lot – or so I am told. I’m born on Christmas day so I believe it’s in my blood to love the snow – BUT I’m a sucker for palm trees (my fav), the beach and sunshine.

I always knew there was more to life than just sitting at a 9-5 waiting for the day, week or year to be over. I had an INSATIABLE desire to make an impact in this world for as long as I can remember; to help as many people (like billions), just like you, dig deep into your soul, work through the BS holding you back, come back to the truth within, back home, and live your legacy….soulgasmically.  😉 

But how did I get here, talking to you, sharing my heart and soul to you…

Flashback 10 years ago, I was anorexic, depressed and felt defeated. My inner demons had taken over and I was addicted to keeping myself small – to the point where I literally manifested it in my physical body as an eating disorder. I had anxiety about EVERYTHING. I truly believed all the answers were outside of me and I searched in every possible direction imaginable, believing that someone could magically heal all my problems. My ‘aha’ moment came when I finally realized that the answers weren’t outside of me, they were within.

You don’t need to fix you…

You aren’t broken,

You aren’t damaged,

There is nothing that needs to be manipulated, controlled, forced, none of that…

You are sacred.

You are whole.

You are complete.

The journey home is reconnecting you to the truth, YOUR Soul’s truth. < — THAT is what is real. The divine, pure soul that you are.

Reclaim your power.

Embrace the God / Goddess within.

Embody your sovereign divinity.

Come back home – to you.

If we want to awaken humanity, we have to awaken ourselves first.

The greatest gift we can give to the planet is our own self- transformation.

Through my own journey, I followed this insatiable desire, the unquenchable thirst to help others transcend and now I am here, WITH you & FOR you so that you, too, can live the life you have dreamed of, come back to the truth of who you are and spread the purest (& most powerful) love that IS you.

I have your back. Loving you, holding you in my container of grace, every step of the way. We can create pure magic together & the greatest love revolution the world has ever seen.

Master thyself.

Walk in the light of love.

Bless, heal, inspire and fill your soul with joy.

Vibe higher & change the world.

You ready?!

I invite you to place your hand on your heart.

Take a breath…

Feel your heart gently beating in your hand, the vibrations and sensations coming out of your hand into you…

Breathe the self love in …the pure love that you so easily give away to others, I want you to direct that to yourself.

Pour yourself into yourself.

Coming home to yourself is the way.

it’s frequency, a vibration, a feeling deep within you.

It’s when you have touched and connected with your soul at the deepest level.

Love is not a concept, it is a living, breathing thing.

It’s when we dive into the places that we are most afraid of diving in where we realize they actually hold the key to our liberation…

All that remains is you

Soulgasm. Heartgasm. Orgasm. All over the Gaia, seriously.

You literally heal the collective when you heal yourself – you are an INTEGRAL part of this planet….and,

I love you. 

I deeply care about you – moving something inside of you, touching your soul, shining a light on an area that needs healing, being your biggest supporter, and most importantly loving up on you SO much that you fall in love with you, ALL of you.

Through movement, energy healing, workshops, videos, coaching, blogs I support you through your greatest challenges to come back home to yourself.

I am committed to this love revolution.

Primal Activation.

Radical Self-Mastery.

Embodying your Sovereign Divinity.

Fun Facts About Me
  • I love hip-hop, rap and soul-stirring R&B music – especially when I am doing yoga or teaching a class. Music feeds the soul – it heals like no other.
  • I am an obsessive learner – I take BIG concepts and break them down into bite-sized yummies that are easily digestible (life-changing) for you.
  • I’m obsessed with learning & expanding that big ol’ brain – I love to nerd out. Reading books, listening to podcasts / videos / online trainings, attending workshops – the catch? They have to move me, they’ve got to shake me right to the core and stir the soul – ahh yes, just thinking about it gets me going…!
  • I had (& still have) a mega girl crush on Alicia Keys….that girl is on fire.
  • I have a potty mouth (sorry mama) – and don’t plan on getting it censored anytime soon.  😉
  • I have a massive love for sports. Love, love, love sports. Played them all growing up & genuinely love them. Ever been to a sporting event and get goosebumps because the vibes are just SO high? I love it. Goosebumps everytime.
  • Doggies (ALL ANIMALS), smoothies, exploring the world, orchids, Nike Air Maxes, avocados,  and LOVE are a few of my favourite things… 🙂
  • Mama Gaia…Her…my heart…She loves, heals, protects you. I’m with Her.