a deep dive into Gaia –> a deep dive into me.

I was moved to go INWARD.
to truly find layers within myself that I never thought possible…to live in full IN-tegrity with myself…
feeling safe in my body, unraveling the untruths I have been carrying…
vulnerable, intimate and free within me.

which meant embracing, revealing, allowing and loving ALL sides, ALL parts, of my multi-dimensional being.

What did I uncover?
1. my belief it was not safe to be in my body fully
2. my belief it was not safe to be in the world fully

traumas, fears, wounds and deep rooted beliefs that I had to look a certain way, be a certain person or do a certain thing in order to be accepted, seen, loved, heard…….to survive.

it was a call to look deep within my own soul and uncover all the places I hide from, the lies I have believed, the wounds I have endured, and give myself permission to feel…like really fucking feel all of it…
to DEEPLY, RADICALLY, UNCONDITIONALLY love myself from THAT place, too.

and the biggest truth…
I created all of this.
I am radically responsible.
I create my reality and I hold the keys to my own liberation.

There were times where some layers shed with ease and other times where the release was accompanied by kicking and screaming. It isn’t always pretty….

but Mama Gaia will draw you close, take you deep, and experience the beauty of your Self, in its entirety.

we shy away from talking about the messy parts, which means we also shy away from the radical transformations, realizations, and honestly, empowering moments in our evolution.
OR we bypass the messy parts, we turn away from our fears, and completely hide from the “darkness” …

all of this ^^^ is the biggest cock-block to your truest expression.

the light isn’t just good.
the dark isn’t just bad.
honestly, neither good nor bad, it just IS.
there’s just duality, polarity and acceptance of all of it….

knowing that in every moment you are coming back closer to you, back into a relationship with your SELF.
the moment you feel at war with yourself, it’s a signal of separation – you have forgotten the one soul truth that nothing is outside of you. the divine IS you – you are a sovereign being with the free will to choose and create anything you desire.

happiness exists beyond all suffering – when you come back home to your self-realized divinity.

go inward, land deeper within you.
you hold the key to your own liberation.
your own sovereignty. reclaim it. take your power back.

settling into YOU.
landing deeper into YOU.
it’s not about changing – but settling, landing, integrating…

feeling safe, at home, in your body

go into the shadows…
go into the layers that scare you…
go into the fears..
go into yourself.
fully. intimately. vulnerably.
like really, go freakin’ IN.

it’s only when you go into those deepest places you feel truly alive.

Enjoy the process of landing deeper and deeper within you. Decide that you are going to stop taking from others and stop letting others take from you. YOU create your own energy.

Once you reach outside yourself you have gone into separation thinking that God/Universe/Source is something outside of you.
Reaching outside for more is TRULY reaching inside for YOU.
You don’t want external approval, you TRULY desire internal acceptance… of yourself.
An inexplicable peace that truly comes when you love yourself, fully.

You are a sovereign being.
Nothing is outside of you.
Let that land…

let your body exhale & take a breath.

Drop down.
Into you.
Just be.
The God / Goddess that you are.

settle into yourself.
come back home.
it is safe…
to be here, now.
it is safe…
to create your heaven on earth.

I love you.