Ascending into the Divine Feminine 



Remember your ancient wisdom within.

Activate your sacred sexuality.

Embody your divine feminine essence.

A 4-week intimate deep dive into your sexual sovereignty.

A safe space for you to meet yourself, awaken and remember who you really are.

Goddess, its your time to come back home to yourself.

To remember and embody your divinity,

guiding you back home to your deep feminine essence.

As women, we have been disconnected from our sacred sexuality – suppressing, shaming, numbing and fearing our raw feminine power.

It is time to lift the veils, reclaim our womb, and embody our sacred sexual sovereignty.

Why now?

This is the year of sacral embodiment – the year of creation – the year of divine union – connecting back to our womb wisdom. 

The Goddess is awakening and She is awakening within us. 

The rise of the Divine Feminine is asking us to connect to, embody and embrace the immense power in our innate sensual essence.

Queen, this is for you.

The time is now to reframe your relationship with your self, your body and your womb.




The  divine feminine  has been re-awakened on the planet. 

The  sacred feminine  is rising; there is no more holding back.

In other words… “Mama’s home.”



Together, in sacred sisterhood and divine ascension, we will: 

Connect to the feelings of the womb

Activate and awaken the inner fire and power in the sacral chakra

Release shame, guilt, traumas, suppressed anger and old wounds in the body

Connect intimately with yourself and relationships

Let go of core wounds – unworthiness, abandonment and fear of rejection

Reintegrate back into the being-ness that you have always been, without manipulation and distortion

Move past the fear of being seen and find immense strength in vulnerability

Master the sensual art of slowing down and embody your womb power




This is a true exploration of your temple,

as the priestess of light that you are. 

Remembering the ancient wisdom of who you are

and awakening to the truth

you’ve been searching, waiting, and longing for. 

You will cultivate the deepest self-love

by activating your sexual center,

tuning into the energy of

creation and discovering your truest self.

Goddess, this is your sacred container

for transformative sexual healing and self-empowerment. 




Sacred Flow

Week 1: Womb awakening

  • Transforming body image – connecting, feeling & honouring your womb


Week 2: Sexual alchemy

  • Sexual healing and cutting energetic cords


Week 3: Heal the feminine heart

  • Opening your heart to receive love, pleasure, intimacy and deep soulful connection


Week 4: Reclaim your sexual sovereignty

  • Dance with the divine: embody the Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine and fully embrace your feminine essence


A 4-week intimate deep dive into your sexual sovereignty

1 x two hour soulgasmic mastermind coaching call per week (4 total)

1 x guided meditation per week to connect back to your innate feminine essence (4 total)

1 x assigned sacred reading 

1 x long distance Reiki healing session

Sacred practices and rituals to embody your feminine essence 

1 x Bonus integration week: 2 hour mastermind call + Q & A (week 5 follow up)  


Your sacred sisterhood is here. 

It’s time to rise in love.

Embodying the priestess of light, tantric lover, wild woman, divine goddess and sovereign Queen that you already ARE. 


Sacred Investment: $249